NEWOpaline glass and brass chandelier by Stilnovo, Italy 1950 NEWLarge wall lamp model 2061 by Gaetano Scolari for Stilnovo 1954 NEWMurano glass table lamp with travertine base attr. Vistosi, Italy around 1960 NEW1st edition Viscontea pendant lamp by Achille and Piergiacomo Castiglioni, Flos 1960. NEWWall lamp by Carlo Nason for Mazzega, Italy 1960's NEWRomeo Rega chrome and brass table lamp, Italy 1970-1980 NEWMurano glass Floor lamp by Carlo Nason, Mazzega Italy 1968 NEWTable lamp 526g by Massimo Vignelli, Ed. Arteluce 1965 NEWMurano glass and marble floor lamp by Roberto Pamio for Leucos Italy c. 1975 Taraxacum pendant light by Achille and Piero Castiglioni, Flos 1960 "TOS" nickel-plated metal table lamp by Florian Schulz Italian design plexiglas table lamp by Gaetano Missaglia Italy 1968 NEWAccademia table lamp by Cini Boeri, Artemide 1978 NEW"Aggregato" floor lamp by Enzo Mari and Giancarlo Fassina, Artemide 1974 NEW"Personaggi" floor lamp by Carmellini & Rezzonnico Spiral glass table lamp by De Maio, Italy 1980 NEWPair of wall lamps by Carlo Nason, ed.Mazzega 1970 NEWBrass table lamp with gilt bronze scarabaeus around 1970 NEW"Pavot" table lamp by Christiane Charles, ed. Maison Charles 1965 "La Ruspa" table lamp by Gae Aulenti for Martinelli Luci, Italy, 1968 NEW"Medusa" Chrome Ceiling Light by Florian Schulz, Germany, 1980 Venini floor lamp model n° 529 attributed to Carlo Scarpa, 1942 Pair of OZ table lamps by Daniela Puppa and Franco Raggi, Fontana Arte 1981 Lighting Sculpture or Table Lamp by Guy Bareff, France c. 1970 Sculptural table or desk lamp in chromed metal by Serge Mansau, France 1970 NEWTaraxacum S1 hanging light designed by Achille Castiglioni for Flos, 1988 NEWBig table lamp in lacquered metal attributed to Tronconi. Italy 1970 Ceramic table lamp by Georges Pelletier, France 1960-1970 NEW"Matita" glass floor lamp by Federica Marangoni, Italy 1980's NEWMid-century modern brass adjustable desk or table lamp by Stilux, Italy 1960 NEWMoana chromed metal table/floor lamp by Luigi Massoni for DH Guzzini, Italy 1970 Brass wall lamp model 2061 by Gaetano Scolari for Stilnovo 1954 Pair of solid brass wall lamps 1950-1960 NEWSuspension by Lumi 1970 NEWChromed metal wall lamp by Reggiani 1970 NEWHans Agne Jakobsson model G123 "balloon" floor Lamps Rare ceiling light by BAG Turgi Switzerland 1950 1950 floor lamp by Arlus NEWItalian chromed metal tubular table lamp c. 1970 NEWTravertine table lamp by Fratelli Mannelli, Italy 1970 NEWBrass and Enameled Metal Table Lamp Switzerland, 1950 Uchiwa bamboo "Hana II" hanging lamp by Ingo Maurer, Design M Germany 1970 Brass Floor Lamp with Three Arms attr. O-Luce, Italy 1950's Brass floor lamp 1UWV by Cedric Hartman, USA 1966 Sculptural Lucite and Stainless Steel Table Lamp by Philippe Jean, France 1970 Maison Charles "Fusée" wall lamps, France 1970 Sculptural brass lamp by Philippe Jean, France 1970 Viscontea pendant light by Achille and Piero Castiglioni for Flos 1963 "Zanil" Cork Pendant Lamp by Wilhelm Zannoth for Ingo Maurer 1970, Germany Viscontea pendant light by Achille and Piero Castiglioni for Flos 1963 Rio table lamp by Giusto Toso for Leucos Italy 1977 Floor Lamp with two arms, Switzerland 1950 ca. Pair of Snow floor lamps by Vico Magistretti, Oluce 1973 NEWTable lamp Ring by Jean Pierre Vitrac 1985 NEWBig Gong table lamp by Skipper Italy 1981 Model 2076 or"Dornstab" floor lamp in teak and brass by J.T Kalmar 1950 Brass and laquered metal suspension by BAG Turgi 1950 Editions Lunel wall lamp 1950 "Gill" table lamp by Roberto Pamio for Leucos 1962 Carlo Giorgi brass floor lamp with three leaves for Bottega Gadda, Italy 1970 Gold plated "Semi" lamp by Claus Bonderup and Thorsten Thorup, Fog&Morup 1967 Bronze floor lamp by Maison Charles, France 1970 Fractal resin "Octogonal" table lamp by Maison Charles 1970 Valigetta table light by Matteo Thun for Bieffeplast 1988 Pair of LP11 wall lamps by Luigi Caccia Dominioni Travertine table lamp by Fratelli Mannelli, Italy 1970 Floor lamp by Franca Helg and Franco Albini 1969 Fantasma Piccolo resin cocoon floor lamp by Tobia Scarpa for Flos, 1963. Table lamp Snow by Vico Magistretti 1973 Brass and yellow lacquered metal table lamp with counterweight, Switzerland 1950 Table lamp 526G by Lella & Massimo Vignelli for Arteluce 1965 Edition Lunel wall sconce with three reflectors "Bricole"ceiling light by Venini Pair of Meander wall lights by Cesare Casati and Emanuele Ponzio Verner Panton SP01 hanging lamp by J.Lüber AG Model 14140 Lucinella wall lamps by Angelo Lelii Set of 5 Dora floor lamps by André Cazenave Narval wall lamp by Maison Charles 1970 Saffo table lamp by Angelo Mangiarotti Architectural floor lamp by Reggiani 1970 340/5 Reggiani wall lamp Neon floor lamp by BAG Turgi Palm tree floor lamp by Mario Lopez Torres, 1970 Floor lamp Italy 1960 Rare model 12628 "Siluro" floor lamp by Angelo Lelii for Arredoluce 1957 Big Sciolari chrome and brass suspension Pair of table lamps by Mazzega 1960 Lampe Cythère en bronze de Chrystiane Charles Vico Magistretti pendant light Nara for Oluce Viscontea pendant light by Achille and Piero Castiglioni Floor Lamp by Giuseppe Ostuni mod. 301 Oluce Desk lamp attr. BAG Turgi 1950 Pair of Saffo table lamps by Angelo Mangiarotti Rare table lamp by Angelo Lelii Musa pendant lamp by Rodolfo Dordoni 1993 Lampe Table Ro BBPR Rare suspension by BAG Turgi 1950 Pair of BAG Turgi wall lights Flash table lamp by Joe Colombo 1962 "Nova" copper suspension by Jo Hammerborg Lampe sculpture de Lorenzo Burchiellaro Plafonnier Belmag 1950 Luigi I suspension by Borek Sipek for Driade NEWTable lamp by Ugo Zaccagnini Rare suspension by BAG Turgi 1950 Brass spider ceiling lamp 1950 NEWThree arm ceiling lamp 1950 Pair of wall lights by Bruno Gatta, Stilnovo Oscar Torlasco att. table lamp by Stilux Floor lamp, Lamter, Italy Pair of model 251 wall lamps by Tito Agnoli Elegant brass ceiling lamp, AMBA, Switzerland Ceiling lamp by Prof. Moor for BAG Turgi Floor lamp Chicago Tribune by Matteo Thun and Andrea Lera Articulate table lamp model 293 by Joe Colombo Pair of wall lamps 1950